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Speaker Series: Dr. Ashley Butler, Founder of MySherri

Oct 27th, 2022

October 19, 2022

Dr. Ashley Butler captivated the room by sharing her truth.

“I am a busy woman. A CEO. A Doctor. A wife, daughter, friend, and problem solver. A promoter of the power of women and a healer who knows what it is like to hold someone’s hand as they die. I also understand that sometimes a healer’s heart must be broken. I have been poor and understand the power and freedom in education. I… am a believer in hope. I AM ME. And I am tired.”

She continued.

“I am tired of stories society tells women of what we should and can’t be. Time is a currency, and we can’t get more of it.”

Dr. Ashley loves to work and made an investment in herself. Through this experience, she realized the value of giving busy women the gift of time. Additionally, peace of mind and assurances of their worth. Read on to hear the transformation happening for women all over Indianapolis and the surrounding area through MySherri.


Ashley Butler beat all of the odds, as one of her professors so eloquently put it. She described growing up poor and at times in a place of food insecurity. Statistics say, she would have a baby by the time she was 18 and continue the cycle of poverty. However, Ashley has been described as a dandelion. She’s not going away.

In fact, she was persistent specifically in education. Seeing this as a way through her current circumstances. Excelling as a student. Then excelling in college and finding herself in med school. Getting the 4.0. Doing the things to position her future differently than what any of the statistics (and rude professors) continued to remind her.

With Ashley’s healer’s heart, she believed being a doctor was the space for her. Until it wasn’t.

“We should all over ourselves as women. I had THE life and yet I wasn’t fulfilled. In the midst of all of the achieving, I forgot who I was. It was all roles, not MY identity.”

Yet even with these thoughts, what she really wanted wasn’t in clear view just yet.


One thing Ashley did know is she wanted time back. She and her husband decided to invest in themselves and hired Sherri to support them.

She described Sherri as a nanny for adults. “They are difficult to come by!”

Sherri initially began by cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry for the Butler family. At the time, Sherri admits she was embarrassed to tell anyone.

Understandable given Ashley’s internal mean girl, Ethel, giving her a hard time for “needing to accept help”. Additionally, a sideways conversation with her mom who did not fully understanding Ashley’s position or view on the value of time.

Ashley was outed at work about the support from Sherri though due to a beet salad. Sitting in the doctor lounge enjoying her lunch of beet salad, colleagues asked her about it. They began asking where she got it and upon hearing it was homemade, asked about the recipe.

Ashley shared with her colleagues how she has the hired support of a woman named Sherri, who comes into their home and does laundry, cooking and other household tasks. Then she braced herself to be ridiculed or shamed. Instead, what she received was curiosity. In fact, one colleague asked, “where do I find one of those?”

And the concept of MySherri was born.


“For any of my Two and a Half Men fans, Sherri is Berta with more sass and I’m Charlie with less drinking.”

This relationship began as a way to buy back time for Ashley and a means of living for Sherri. However, it has turned into much more.

“I came home after the beet salad discovery and told Sherri I had an idea. I wanted us to start a business and provide her services to other busy women. She was standing at the dryer folding clothes and turned to me slowly with a lot of sass and said- I’ll give it one year- holding up one finger in dramatic fashion. That was two and a half years ago.”

MySherri has one core value. Be a Good Human.

As Ashley began sharing the idea of the MySherri service, she found a very interesting thing.

“I had coffee with a lot of men. When I shared my idea, I think every single one of them told me it wouldn’t work. Which again, I’m a dandelion. I just wanted to say- hold my beer.”

With the challenge accepted, Ashley and Sherri set out to create the business plan, talk to women as clients as well as women providing the service. MySherri launched officially in July of 2021 with 2 home coordinators and 6 clients. They are now up to 15 home coordinators, 6 dozen clients with a waiting list, and considering expansion to other cities.

As Dr. Ashley said, “hold my beer.”


Ashley’s healer’s heart has been fulfilled in two ways through MySherri.

First, there the gift of time back to busy women through trusting a valued resource of support in their home.

Ashley talked about the shame women can feel in asking for help and how society and shaming has driven us to this point. However, as women change their mindset and their view on the value of time and what it’s actually worth, they shift. Understanding it’s time with their spouse. Time with their kids without the ticker going on in the background of other things they have to do. Value of time.

Additionally, and maybe the one most surprising for Ashley was the impact on the Sherris in her organization. Upon research to begin this venture, she was shocked at the stories of inequality. Women working in million-dollar homes, making gourmet meals, caring for the families, only to leave and utilize food stamps to make their own ends meet.

It was important to Ashley and Sherri to give women opportunities to see a future and economic opportunities.

“Stories society tells us are powerful but re-writing them is even stronger.”

Being good to their employees has paid off. Having a good salary and overall benefits package coupled with being invested in and feeling appreciated leads to the home coordinators turning in good work for the company and clients.


Bridging a gap and then bringing others along is not only a belief of Ashley’s, but she’s also living it out daily.

Time is money. MySherri believes in the gift of time and a rising tide lifts all boats.

Looking for ways to support?

MySherri is best advertised by word of mouth. Sharing their services and creating awareness is a great start. Additionally, they are looking for additional home coordinators and even a manager as they continue to expand. If you or someone you know is interested, apply at

Thank you, Dr. Ashley Butler, for sharing your truth with Linking Indy Women!  

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