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How to “just be”

Jul 1st, 2013


In a world that values productivity, trophies, and attitudes like “just do it” I recently learned the lesson of how to “just be”.  It is deeper than stopping to smell the roses or remembering to be in the moment. A moment is too big. This is so much deeper and smaller than a moment.

Recently, a dear friend was diagnosed with cancer. As big as that word seems, it is nothing compared to her. It is nothing compared to a moment spent with her.  Within my moments with her, I learned how to “just be” and my life changed.

I am typically the person who fills up weekends with tasks and to do’s, so when I was asked to do something different, I almost said no. How productive was I being? I have deadlines and obligations and…Just be

Inside I was reluctant. I said yes. Outwardly, I got in the car and drove.  I did not really even know where we were headed, but I put on a brave face and acted like I knew what I was doing.

So the journey began down country roads and through small towns that we had to turn around to even see as we passed.   As I watched her reaction to everything around her I noticed something about time. It slowed.  She connected with everyone. She touched everyone by her smile and ridiculous sense of humor. She left an impression on the horses we rode, the zip line guide, and the people on the dance floor. The way she took in the experience and impacted the environment around her was not living in the moment, it was being.

Not only have I learned that this being experience exists, I now know firsthand that it is what life is all about. In order to “just do it” you first have to “just be”.

Thank you, Denver.



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